Be taken on your own shamanic healing journey with sacred Hawaiian massage and   sound healing.

Welcome to Sacred Huna Healing, a place to receive the nurture and rejuvenation of Ka Huna Massage. This is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice that works with basalt hot stones, sound, meditation and Lomi Lomi massage.


Ka Huna massage calms the nervous system and connects you back to your body and soul.

It is ideal for people who:

Feel depleted physically or energetically

Lack energy and motivation 

Suffer from chronic pain

Experiencing times of uncertainty in transition or transformation 

Seeking more connection to your body and emotions



Karla is your practitioner, with over a decade of training and experience in Hawaiian healing techniques and Earth based medicine. As a facilitator of nature connection and rites of passage, Karla inherently holds space for you to return to your natural state of being. In this state you have a greater capacity for body awareness, mental clarity and self-healing. Her style is gentle and deeply meditative, allowing your nervous system to calm and your body to soften.

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Near Warrandyte Vic

25 Donaldsons Rd, Kangaroo Ground

(45 minutes north of the Melbourne CBD)



Give the gift of nurture with a Ka Huna massage and hot stone healing journey.

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Nestled in a quite country side near the Yarra river, The Kangaroo Ground Centre is truly a retreat space.

My practice room is aptly called the Bodhi leaf room (to the left of the photo) as it has been hand built by the family who own this property. With a stunning bodhi leaf designed roof and hand made mud bricks, this is a place to really feel connected to the Earth. This round room is a warm and cosy place to settle into the natural rhythms of your body to return home to your soul.

Ka Huna Massage - an Ancient Healing Art

Ka Huna massage has come from the ancient culture of the Polynesian islands. It is a dance and a ceremony with movements that flow along the energetic lines of the body like waves. It also involves under-body work that cradles and gently massages. Other components of this bodywork include stretching, joint mobility and vibrational healing. It is believed to be such a transformational medium that on some of the islands it was used as a rite of passage.


All the complimentary massage modalities that I incorporate in the massage are based from traditional Hawaiian healing arts, making it a truly unique healing experience that honours the origin of this work.  

Ka Huna Demonstration Video

Made by my teacher at Mette's Institute 

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Earthdance is a meditation and movement practice inspired by the Australian landscape. Karla facilitates in collaboration with inspiring musicians to create a space for soulful connection, healing and embodiment. This is a monthly events at CERES in Brunswick East, VIC.


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A six day retreat for women to connect to the beauty of nature and to reignite their inner flame. We sleep under the stars, walk the land, sit in circle and listen to stories around the camp fire. We also listen to stories from local Indigenous women to deepen our connection to this land and the people from this land.


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Karla massages the body with a deeply integrated sensitivity to the fundamental wisdom of Kahuna practice. She is guided both by her intensive training and by her intuitive feel, resulting in a beautiful and deeply feminine practice that allows for the presence of spirit. My experience of her bodywork has been exquisitely healing, as she naturally accesses and applies her energy to addressing disharmony in the physical, energetic and spiritual body. Karla offers a practice unique to my experience, and one that I would highly recommend to all on their healing path. 

- Djulz Chambers


Karla Riddell - email: - phone: 0437525448

acknowledge that I live and work on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations. I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging and I acknowledge their 100,000 year old living culture and connection they maintain. Thank you.