Healing Journey's



Ka Huna Massage  (90min - $150)

This massage supports the body to relax and rejuvenate with long flowing strokes that hold, stretch, wrap and nurture. Like the waves of an ocean, this traditional style Ka Huna gently massages and moves your whole body. You will be carefully draped in a sarong, with ambient music and nourishing coconut oil.



Ka Huna Healing Journey (2 hours - $190)

This bodywork uses a combination of Ka Huna massage, hot stones and sound healing to deeply nourish your being. The warm basalt stones help draw out toxins from the muscles, while the sound healing is a vibrational sound bath that reharmonises your energetic body. The sounds may be instrumental or vocal with either toning or Hawaiian chants. With vibration and touch, this massage supports integrative transformational healing.


Rite of Passage Healing (3 hours - $330)

Traditionally Ka Huna was a rite of passage, it was a sacred ritual that supported people through life shifts or illnesses. In this space you will be held in ceremony that is centred around your intention. You experience the same healing tools and techniques as in the Ka Huna healings, with the added benefit of mind-body integration through verbal dialogue. In this process you come to see with new eyes the situation you are in and how to create a new way of being. 


When a caterpillar cocoons to become a butterfly, it changes its cells entirely. This is the basis of a rite of passage, you embark on a process of transformation to step into a whole new way. You remember that you are the guide of your own life and you have the power to change it. 


"Mana - all power comes from within" (one of the 7 Huna principles) 


Deeply immersive healing journeys...

Earthdance is a meditation and movement practice inspired by the Australian landscape.


Facilitated by Karla Riddell and inspiring musicians to create a space for soulful connection, healing and embodiment. Through sound, meditation and free dance you are gently guided back into your body to rekindle your connection to self and the Earth beneath your feet. 


A meditation for the mind

A movement for the body

A ceremony for the soul

Our upcoming events for 2019


HUMAN~ 28th September 

This is our all genders dance ~ all humans welcome!


CACAO Ceremony ~ 18th October 

A deeply immersive 3 hour journey with Cacao, sacred water, sound healing & dance.

Open to all


Earthdance for Women ~ 26th October 

A space for women to sit in circle, receive a live sound healing and dance to inspiring music.


HUMAN ~ 16th November  


Earthdance for Women ~30th November 



Our events run out of CERES in Brunswick East, Victoria.  You can keep up to date through our Facebook page or via newsletter.

Earthdance is a healing experience that was first conceived and offered in the central desert.

This image is a depiction of the energy of the desert, a feeling of been with the red Earth in connection with our sacred self.

Image created by Adriyana Bernardo. 

Six day gatherings for women to connect to the land, themselves and the ancient culture of this country.


A deep immersion in nature, where you sleep under the stars, walk in nature, sit in circle and hear stories and culture from highly regarded Indigenous women. Reconnect to your belonging, to find home in self and home in nature.


The Kimberley, WA  I  Mullumbimby, NSW  I  Central desert, NT


For more information or to apply visit our website. Or be invited through our emailing list.


These gatherings will be opening up to the men in 2021, so do stay connected through this email list or via our facebook page.



What an amazing experience! My massage therapist, Karla, was incredibly intuitive to the needs of my body and from the moment I entered the warm and inviting space, she took me on an invigorating, relaxing and highly spiritual journey. The massage itself is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Using long, fluid motions, I could feel my body releasing toxins whilst melting into the table at the same time. I had incredible clarity around some personel issues during the massage, I felt lighter, like the massage was expanding my awareness and creating space and a feeling of complete ease. It was like falling into a deep meditation. When the massage was over, I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I felt a beautiful sense of joy and peace. If you want to release tension, feel relaxed and gain some clarity at the same time, then this is the massage for you. A truly magical experience.


- Corinne Davies


Karla Riddell - email: karla@sacredhunahealing.com - phone: 0437525448