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Huna is translated as “that which is hidden”. In the Hawaiian tradition a Ka Huna was a holder of secrets, for they understood that all mana (personal power) comes from within. The Ka Huna was often the Shaman or the wise one of the village who would assist their people to connect to their own life force to bring healing and insight on their journey.


This is the essence of what Sacred Huna Healings brings to the people. Karla's mission is to activate this inner knowing and mana to allow you to heal and grow into your fullness and integrate this into your everyday life.


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The Ka Huna's 

This is an article I wrote on medium in 2017. 


The Ka Huna’s from the Polynesian Islands behold a great wisdom. In native tongue, Ka Huna means the keeper of the secret. They are all knowing and all seeing, capable of great power and healing...


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Listen to Karla, Tash & Meg ~ a Shaman, a Spiritual Feminist and a Creative.

We sit in a park together and share our thoughts and musings on all things spiritual, thought provoking and edgy. 


This podcast was conceived on International Womens day 2020. We began recording at the beginning of lockdown. Our conversations will keep you company like dear and like-minded friends. This podcast is designed to keep your heart happy your mind curious and your spirit strong. 


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An Autobiography 


A vivid and deeply emotional recollection of Paramedic life, Shamanic life and all the spaces between. This is Karla’s story of a shy country girl, to an Advanced Care Paramedic to a healer. A story that shows how pushing our limits in the human realm can lay the foundations for the spiritual work of a Shaman. It’s a gutsy recollection of the trauma that a paramedic can face and the extreme spiritual experiences that created Karla’s initiation into becoming a healer. In the end they require the same skills of mind and heart, a precision that is critical in both the role of a Paramedic and the role of a Shaman.


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acknowledge that I live and work on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations. I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging and I acknowledge their 100,000 year old living culture and connection they maintain. Thank you.